Roast Potatoes – Prepare in advance

I love roast potatoes and although we are not having roast turkey on Christmas Day, we are definitely having lovely crispy crunchy roast potatoes.

They are one of the vegetables that actually benefits from being prepared in advance and popped in the freezer.

I par-boil my potatoes for between five and ten minutes then drain them in a colander giving them a good shake to roughen the edges.

Heat some goose fat in a large baking tray and pile the potatoes in, turning them so they are coated in fat.  I always use goose fat at Christmas;  one of the better animal fats as  it is high in ‘heart healthy’ monounsaturated fats which can lower blood cholesterol level.

Roast for about thirty to forty minutes, or until almost ready.

Pop them on to a cake rack to drain and cool then open freeze before sealing them in a large freezer bag.

On the day, you can either cook straight from frozen for about thirty minutes after taking your joint out of the oven to rest, or allow them to thaw and reheat for twenty to thirty minutes.  I find cooking roast potatoes this way, the outsides are beautifully browned and crispy but the centres remain light and fluffy.  Absolutely perfect and no work on the day.


‘Almost’ cooked roast potatoes


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