Fruity “Ice Cream” – Our Favourite Dessert

Frozen fruit smoothie, fruit yoghurt dessert, “ice cream” or whatever you want to call it, our favourite dessert is so simple – its frozen fruit blitzed in a NutriBullet (or high-speed blender) with homemade yoghurt and it is absolutely delicious, tasty, cold, creamy, smooth, and healthy to boot.

Leave bunches of bananas to ripen;  skin starting to get black spots and the fruit turning soft then cut into slices and open freeze on baking sheets.   Once frozen, pop into resealable freezer bags.

Open freeze strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, mango (in cubes), pineapple – almost any fruit and once frozen pop them into a bag.


Bananas and strawberries ready for freezing

To make your dessert, just take a handful of frozen banana and a handful of strawberries (or your chosen fruit) and place in container; top with a few spoonfuls of live yoghurt, screw on to the NutriBullet power base and blitz for a few seconds.   Voila ……..a delicious ice-creamy dessert which is instantly ready to serve.     Alternatively, make it half-an-hour before needed and pop it into the freezer until required, but take care not to over-freeze as it becomes quite hard.


Strawberry, Banana and Yoghurt dessert

You can ring the changes by adding a few sprigs of fresh mint or basil, some chia seeds, a touch of spice but we love it just as it is.

NB:  All photographs used in this blog have been taken by me, and are of food I have prepared myself.


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