Green Juice

What I love about juicing is that you don’t really have to follow a particular recipe;  just grab what’s available in your fridge and kitchen and off you go.

When I started juicing I did read up on the juicing books and have to admit Jason Vale was, and still is, my favourite Juicemaster.  I have followed his three-day juice detox (three days every-so-often is perfect for me!) and was amazed at how brilliant it made me feel, and how beneficial I found it; not once during the three days did I feel hungry.  It wasn’t done specifically for weight-loss but after a few months of eating healthily, i.e. no processed food or refined sugar, I actually wanted to try one – my body felt ready.

I usually fit in a green juice each day.  Sometimes it takes the place of breakfast or lunch; other times it is when I feel I need a boost or just ‘fancy’ one.  When I am at the beach I often make one after breakfast and pop it in a flask with a couple of ice cubes and have it  in-between swimming and sunbathing.

I usually start my juice off with one or two apples and always a large knob of unpeeled root ginger and a wedge of lemon or lime  (I like the kick this gives).  On top of that goes a good handful of spinach, a stick of celery and a chunk of cucumber.  Add to that anything you fancy – kale, romaine lettuce, pepper, broccoli (the stem is very beneficial), etc.  Sometimes I add a spoonful of Spirulina which makes the juice go very green, or a raw beetroot which gives a lovely pink colour to your ‘green’ juice and a smiley face if you are not careful 😀


Ingredients for a simple green juice

Once I have juiced the apples and vegetables,  I add either a dollop of live yoghurt, an avocado and/or some coconut water then blitz them all together.

The avocado makes a deliciously smooth and creamy juice whilst the yogurt adds a lovely tang.  Add coconut water if the juice is too thick.

Another day I will add a large handful of fresh herbs from the garden.  The list of ingredients is endless.


Delicious Green Juice





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