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Smashed Salmon Hash

Yet another delicious recipe from one of my favourite magazines, Sainsburys. The original recipe called for hot smoked salmon which I was unable to find but I used sweet chilli roast salmon which was warm, sweet and lightly smoked and … Continue reading

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Raspberry Coconut Bites

Energy Balls or Bites seem to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment and they are so convenient to have in the fridge/freezer to nibble on or when unexpected guests arrive.   Also extremely handy for lunchboxes, picnics, or taking down … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Yoghurt Chicken

Sumac is ground from bright red berries, is very versatile and widely used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking.  It has a slight lemony, sour tang and adds a glorious colour to any dish.  It pairs especially well with vegetables, … Continue reading

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Nut Brownies (Walnut and Cashew)

These brownies were delicious – chocolately, nutty, crunchy and a definite hit with everyone.  One of the main advantages being that they were so quick and easy to make,  with another that they don’t need cooking. INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of … Continue reading

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Pea and Broccoli Risotto

I was never a fan of Risotto until my husband took me for a surprise holiday on an Italian cruise ship.   The food was amazing and every evening we were offered a Risotto as a second course.  By the … Continue reading

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Spicy Chicken and Lentils with Baby Tomatoes

I am often to be found cooking quite large amounts so that I can stock up my freezer with ‘ready’ meals for my husband whilst I am away.  Knowing how much he loves spicy food I decided to play around … Continue reading

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Spicy Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato and Tenderstem Broccoli with a Minty Yoghurt Dressing

I love a meal where I can put just one dish of food in the middle of the table and we can help ourselves. This (and slight variations) is a firm favourite in our home as it is very quick, … Continue reading

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