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Sardine Bread (Omega Paleo Bread)

I was amazed when I saw the recipe for this bread which included a tin of sardines.  Sardines are one of the highest sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids and even if you don’t like sardines, this bread really does … Continue reading

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Banana Bread #2

I often make Banana and Raisin Bread, and you will usually find some in my freezer as it freezes beautifully, but I wanted to try a different recipe and this Paleo one seemed to fit the bill. The bread was … Continue reading

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Cumin Flatbreads

Nothing could be simpler than these flatbreads and they taste delicious too.  The toasted cumin adds a wealth of flavour but this could be changed for any herb or seed such as onion or nigella seeds, for example. Once cooked, … Continue reading

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Sun-dried Tomato Bread (Gluten-Free)

This is a delicious, slightly savoury bread which goes well with soup.  Alternatively it is just as nice on its own or with a spread of butter (dairy or almond/cashew). If you don’t have buttermilk, use the same amount of … Continue reading

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Crusty Bread

I make a variety of breads for my gluten-intolerant husband which he loves, but sometimes he really does miss a crusty loaf for toast or a sandwich. When I spotted this recipe on the back of a packet of gluten … Continue reading

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Banana Bread #1

I don’t know where this recipe came from – I found it written on a scrappy bit of paper at the bottom of my recipe pile with only very brief instructions written on it in my almost-forgotten shorthand. It’s a … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Turmeric Flatbread

I am always on the look-out for new and different breads to bake especially as my husband is gluten-intolerant. With just a few ingredients, this flatbread looked decidedly tasty and I had quite a few bagfuls of frozen cauliflower rice … Continue reading

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Breadcrumbs / Gluten Intolerance

I still have a vivid memory of my parents on Christmas Eve, making breadcrumbs for the sage and onion stuffing which was always put into our turkey. Whilst my mum chopped the onions and fresh sage, my dad would take … Continue reading

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Avocado, Beetroot and Houmous on Flaxseed Focaccia

I recently came across this recipe as Jamie Oliver‘s “recipe of the day” and thought what an unusual breakfast it would make.  My husband loves trying out anything new that I produce in the kitchen so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Flaxseed Focaccia

I had one of those nights where I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  A cup of tea and back to bed to browse the newspaper headlines (boring) and then search for interesting recipes. My search … Continue reading

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