Courgette ‘Nibbles’

Look at these little beauties…..

2016-11-27_13-31-52_826My husband and I were recently staying at a rather nice hotel on Lanzarote and the Sous Chef kept producing the most amazing assortment of entrées.

I was so impressed  that I have been trying to reproduce some of them in my kitchen and the first one I tried I was very happy with.   These would be an ideal ‘nibble’ to hand around at any Christmas party as they are so quick and easy to put together.  Although they are probably best served reasonably soon after making.  I left mine for an hour in the fridge and they were still absolutely fine.

All you need is one courgette, very thinly sliced either on a mandolin or a food slicer,  some Halloumi cheese cut into appropriate sized rectangles and a sprinkling of Smoked Paprika Pepper.   Just take a slice of courgette, wrap it around the cheese and sprinkle with the pepper …..simples.

I didn’t worry about the ends of the courgette, or the slices I ruined practising as I popped them into a bag ready for the vegetable stock I intended to make the next day.

NB:  All photographs used in this blog have been taken by me, and are of food I have prepared and served myself.







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