Super Eggs Benedict with Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

As a special treat, I decided to cook my husband Eggs Benedict after seeing the picture my daughter-in-law put on her Juicy Health Company page.  I could see husband drooling over the picture and licking his lips so the other evening I surprised him with my take on the dish.

I loosely followed Jamie Oliver‘s recipe with just a couple of small alterations which I have noted below.   The end result, was one very happy husband.


4 spring onions
Olive oil
400g baby spinach
Nutmeg, for grating
1 lemon
4 English Muffins (I used my own multiseed loaf)
8 small free-range eggs (1 used 4 large of which 2 had double yolks)
100g wafer-thin smoked ham (I used smoked salmon instead)
100g unsalted butter
2 large free-range egg yolks
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
White wine vinegar


Trim and finely chop the spring onions and put them into a large frying pan on a medium-low heat with a drizzle of oil. Add the spinach with a grating of nutmeg and a good pinch of sea salt and pepper. Cook down until dark and delicious, and any excess water has cooked away, then add a squeeze of lemon juice to taste, and keep warm.

Meanwhile, make the Hollandaise. Melt the butter in a small pan. Put the egg yolks into a heatproof bowl over a pan of gently simmering water and whisk with a tablespoon of lemon juice and the mustard. Whisk constantly, very slowly (otherwise it will split) and pour the melted butter a little at a time into the egg mixture. Whisk until well combined, adding a splash of water to loosen if needed. Whisk in a splash of vinegar and season to perfection. Turn off the heat and keep warm over the pan of water, stirring occasionally and loosening with an extra splash of water if needed.

Warm the muffins/sliced loaf in the oven.  As I had a few slices of my multiseed loaf left, I decided to try it out in this recipe and it worked well.

Poach your eggs with your favourite method. I like to use egg rings in a pan of simmering water. Jamie Oliver suggests pressing an oiled sheet of good-quality clingfilm into an oiled teacup; cracking two eggs into it; bring the sides up, ease out any air, twist together and tie a tight knot to pouch the egg into a parcel. Poach the parcels in a pan of gently simmering water for 8.5 minutes,

Halve the warm muffins / place slices of seeded bread on warm plates. Top with the spinach mix and waves of smoked ham or salmon. Gently place the poached eggs on top and spoon over some hollandaise.


Super Eggs Benedict with probably a bit too much Hollandaise

There is more Hollandaise in this recipe than you need as it is really hard to make a smaller batch.  However, you can refrigerate the remaining sauce and use it almost like a mayonnaise over the next few days.


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