Spicy Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato and Tenderstem Broccoli with a Minty Yoghurt Dressing

I love a meal where I can put just one dish of food in the middle of the table and we can help ourselves.

This (and slight variations) is a firm favourite in our home as it is very quick, easy and versatile.  I keep a jar of homemade fajita seasoning in my cupboard which I like to use for this recipe.  Recipe here.

INGREDIENTS: to serve two

2 Sweet Potato
200g Tenderstem Broccoli
2 chicken breast fillets
Dessertspoon Buckwheat flour
2 teaspoons+ fajita spice (or spice of choice)
Avocado oil or oil of choice
A few tablespoons of natural live yoghurt
Juice of half a lemon
Handful of fresh mint leaves, finely chopped
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


Peel and chop the sweet potato into 2.5cm cubes. Toss in a glug of avocado oil and spread on a baking sheet, or see below.   Bake at 400°F gas 6 for thirty to forty minutes turning over half-way through cooking.

Meanwhile, cut the long stems of Broccoli in two and splice any thick stems. Toss in a small amount of avocado oil.

Cut the chicken breasts into 2.5cm cubes and toss in the Buckwheat flour mixed with the fajita seasoning.   Spread out on a baking tray.

10 to 15 minutes before the sweet potato is cooked, add the Broccoli to the sweet potato tray (if room, or another tray if not). Place in the oven along with the chicken pieces and cook until the chicken is just cooked through and still moist and tender.

Mix the mint, lemon juice, salt and pepper together to serve with the chicken and vegetables.

Spicy Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato and Tenderstem Broccoli with a Minty Yoghurt dressing


** This recipe is perfect for using the Pyramid Pan Mats which I posted about earlier in the year.  I now have a small collection of the mats and it is so easy to cook on them without having to turn the food over.

Food cooks beautifully, without sticking and the mats wash out easily in hot soapy water.


NB:  All photographs used in this blog have been taken by me, and are of food I have prepared and served myself.


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