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Wishing you all a happy, healthy Christmas

A huge thank you to all my lovely followers wherever you may be.  It always amazes me when I look at the world map and see that my little blog is being viewed in so many different countries, and by … Continue reading

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How do you like your eggs?

I’m not an ‘eggy’ person unless it is a frittata, but my husband drools at the thought of them – he loves them so much and often has them for breakfast after his bircher.   If he makes his own breakfast, … Continue reading

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Cheese Baubles

These little balls look so impressive and festive.  Perfect to serve alongside my favourite Seed Crackers as a cheese course, or alternatively, to hand around with drinks.  They are perfect bite-sized balls of cheese. They are simple to make and … Continue reading

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Chocolate Orange Segments

Want to hand around something tasty and healthy this Christmas? Nothing could be simpler than peeling a few clementines and dipping the segments in melted dark chocolate (85%).  Leave on baking parchment to set and voila….. You could ring the … Continue reading

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The best Seed Crackers ever !

We all have our various hobbies or ways and means of relaxing – mine is cooking!  My husband was off out to his choral practice after dinner one evening and when he asked what I was going to do, he … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding

Starting in 1970 (I remember the date as it was the year I got married) I started making old-fashioned Christmas puddings exactly to my mother-in-law’s recipe, who made them from her mother’s recipe.  I made them every September – not … Continue reading

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Courgette ‘Nibbles’

Look at these little beauties….. My husband and I were recently staying at a rather nice hotel on Lanzarote and the Sous Chef kept producing the most amazing assortment of entrées. I was so impressed  that I have been trying … Continue reading

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