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Pyramid Pan Mat

Back in October/November I saw these pyramid pan mats advertised on Facebook.  I don’t usually take notice of the adverts but this caught my eye as only the night before I had cooked some chicken thighs which had well and … Continue reading

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Mini Cheese Scones (gluten-free)

I still find cooking with gluten-free flour very different but I’m slowly finding recipes which I like. Having made cheese scones for years with ordinary flour, I was determined to create a similar one using flour with no gluten.   I … Continue reading

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Cumin Flatbreads

Nothing could be simpler than these flatbreads and they taste delicious too.  The toasted cumin adds a wealth of flavour but this could be changed for any herb or seed such as onion or nigella seeds, for example. Once cooked, … Continue reading

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Spicy Moroccan Salmon Fillets

Ras el hanout is one of my favourite spice mixes.  The name is Arabic for “head of the shop” (similar to the English expression “top shelf”) and implies a mixture of the best spices the seller has to offer.  The … Continue reading

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Coconut Rice

There are some dishes which really are a match made in heaven with coconut rice. I like this recipe as it can be made in advance and it also freezes beautifully.  Always make sure it is piping hot when re-heating … Continue reading

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Crusty Bread

I make a variety of breads for my gluten-intolerant husband which he loves, but sometimes he really does miss a crusty loaf for toast or a sandwich. When I spotted this recipe on the back of a packet of gluten … Continue reading

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Asparagus Quiche

I love a nice Quiche.  Asparagus being one of my favourite vegetables plus a herby pastry makes this a rather delicious meal. I used dried basil in the pastry but mixed herbs would work, or any fresh herbs available. Gluten-free … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

How I enjoyed making these little beauties. To be honest, I wasn’t sure they were going to come out of the bun tins but using a rounded butter knife, they popped out surprisingly easily.  My bun/patty tins were not as … Continue reading

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Snowy Mountain Coconut Bites

I was watching my grandchildren play with the ‘magic’ snow I had bought to keep them amused, when it suddenly reminded me of delicious little cakes I used to have as a child.  We always called them Snowy Mountains and … Continue reading

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Steak with a Ginger Asparagus Mushroom Medley

This is a simple, yet really tasty dish.  The ginger gives such a wonderful flavour to the vegetables yet the full taste of the beautiful steak shines through and the tomatoes add just a touch of sharp sweetness.  No sauce … Continue reading

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